Arts Counsellors
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Arts counselling

We are very proud of the many students that are working at rehabs, schools and other organizations and/or started their own practice. We also thank all the organizations that realize the value of and have employed an Art techniques Counsellor.


For the info of an Arts Counsellor in your area contact our office.


Some of the testimonies of our students and organizations they worked at:


“The course is a jewel. The Assignments are well and wisely put together and each build on the previous. I have discovered that the course subjects are very similar to a similar qualification overseas. However, as with all courses, the effort one puts into it is equivalent to the knowledge one will gain in the end. It is up to you. ” Christine

“I experience it as not only a simple course where it's just book theory, but is more than that and offers a huge amount of introspection and space to not only look at clients but look at yourself and experience the art techniques counselling process itself even though it is hard and takes time. I have grown every year since I started with this course not just mentally but emotionally I have found core issues with myself that I was never able to find or dealt with without this course and now I also understand my clientele better.

Institution comment (Little professors primary school): "She is a magician, who knew art was so complex and helpful!"

I get a client from them every so now and then and were asked to let them know when I'm finished studying so that they can send me more children.” Sanri

“I am absolutely loving the course so far. I am finding it so interesting and completely mind blowing when working with my clients. I have been working with a private client and two children from the NGO correctional facility BGT - Boys and Girls Town in Tongaat KZN.” Holly

“1) The course content and theoretical and practical work was excellent and challenging. It made me want to do more and more. So, I was extremely happy about what we learnt, what we did, the insights it gave me into myself and how others would experience art techniques counselling. The group classes were wonderful also to get to know other students. A resounding success!

2) The practical work and finding an organisation to allow me to do the work for the last practical was challenging and frustrating. If you work full time and you have a challenging career, it is very difficult to spend time on the phone and/or go and see people to try and arrange these sessions but I finally got the OK from the old age home where my mother resides. I will be working with the occupational therapist, so it may be interesting, but she has enthusiastically welcomed my inputs and arrival.” Lynette

“I find the course very challenging and stimulating.  I work incredibly hard, as I do not have the free time of a student attending an institution.  The course material is very interesting and I love doing as much in depth research as possible.  I feel proud of every assignment I hand in.

In my personal capacity, I am a survivor of severe trauma, and the course gave me the direction and power to help others.

As for outside institutions:  PEOPLE ARE DESPERATE FOR HELP.  They received me with open and 'begging' arms.  The children excel with the directive art projects.  It would be fantastic to do a degree and qualify as an Art Therapist.  I do not necessarily see myself working with children once qualified.

My only negative is that I have no contact with other students. Hester

“At the moment I’m currently doing the 1st short courses. I have found it to be of high standard and very informative. Plus I found the interaction between the training center and myself has been extensive and I was kept in the loop every step of the way. The information that I have already gained since I started studying the course is helping me with my healing practice and how I interact with others has changed my perspective on how I view various situations. I’m thoroughly enjoying the course.” Tonya

“The course gave me immense pleasure, and helped me through a difficult time in my life. You were always most friendly to help when I got stuck and needed answers. Thanks a lot.” Annatjie

“I am now busy with my last short courses. I can't even begin to explain how it has changed my life. Not only did I discover things about myself but I found my life purpose. Being able to use art as a tool for healing has come to me at a time in my life where I needed it and in turn it enabled me to share this tool with so many people I would otherwise never have met.

It took me out of my comfort zone and gave me the skills and the passion to transform not only my life but the people's lives whom I have had the privilege of sharing this amazing thing called Art techniques Counselling.

I have become the resident art techniques counselling counsellor at a girls home for teenagers in Kempton Park and I am so blessed to have the skills that have allowed me to make important life changes for these girls. The power that expressive arts have in healing and empowering people leaves me in awe everyday. My love, confidence and passion for art techniques counselling has made my journey over the past four years a life changing one and I look forward to the growth of art techniques counselling and therapy in South Africa.” Natalie

“I found the course interesting and practical.  It’s great to get the opportunity to learn through your practical assignments. It’s a great course that equips you to be a great help to someone in need. I will give the content a 9 out of 10. One thing that was frustrating was no critical feedback on assignments. If I've got 80% for an assignment, it would be good to know where I went wrong and what I can do to improve. I would recommend the course to people. It's a great tool to have if you are a lover of art and have a heart to help the hurt and broken and guide them through a path of healing to experience life in abundance. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of this.”  Maret

“I really enjoyed the course extremely, learning so much about myself at the same time as the info that the modules offered. I feel it was well set out and balanced in what was offered on the theoretical as well as practical side. It was a considerable amount of work, but when you are enjoying the process and believe in what you are doing it is a pleasure!” Sally

“Experience of course: The assignments were difficult, but well structured, the practical work really helped me to apply the theoretical work and gain deeper insight.

Institutions feedback: Christina Kiddie Children’s Home-Kimberley. Excellent work that made a big impact, very impressed with therapeutic art.” Nicoleen

“I wish that the course was available earlier in the RSA.

I have found that personally, I have experienced an awakening of myself, and also an awareness that my thoughts and past experiences matter, as it affects everything and everybody I have contact with.

The clients I have worked with, said that they have not been able to identify their emotions and thoughts they experience, they struggled to express to others their needs and feelings, and the Art techniques Counselling sessions I did with them, helped them understand themselves better.” Nadia

“I am in my second circle of short courses as student at AHA and they have opened so many doors with this course and I can honestly say I am proud to be one of their students.   I am very excited to complete my studies and working on making the lives of others so much better by the use of art incorporated into counselling. Art is Life, Paint your dreams!” Carise

“I think the course is fantastic, I have learned a lot about art techniques counselling thus far. Whenever I do not understand something and need some clarity on a question, I have a fantastic response from the team. They are always more than willing to help and explain the work to me. I would recommend them to others that are looking to study art techniques counselling.” Angela

“I find it hard to work and study but enjoy every minute (if not painful), as I learn a lot about myself but also my weaknesses I do not like to think about...painful.

The training itself is good, material good. Books I enjoy.

I am taking one assignment at a time as it is really not easy as I work and it is also very demanding.

But I feel the community already received the benefits of this studies.

I find the practical easy but the theory hard. I find I have to go on google and do extra research on subjects to get a better understanding.” Mariette

“Dis 'n baie interressante kursus. Baie challenging. Kan daar nie dalk n watsup groep gestig word tussen studente nie, sodat ons; mekaar kan help.” Ronel

“The course is a tremendous help not only personally for my own well being but also in my day to day work situation at Drakenstein Association for Persons with Disabilities.

I can experience the growth in myself to gain more structure in my desire to connect to persons in a therapeutic environment unlocking the full potential of persons through creativity.

The course definitely gives structure and direction in the process of the creative therapeutic potential!

Thank you so much for your effort to make this opportunity possible!” Naki

“I have found the course to be like a journey where I am continually challenged, excited and determined and after 6 months I still have the desire to finish and to finish well.” Natalyn

“For me it has been an eye and mind opening course and I see art techniques counselling causing people to open up where they would have shut down in other kinds of counselling and therapies.” Muravha







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