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The ART HEALING ACADEMY is constantly working towards and looking at possibilities to obtain accreditation for our students:

As no training in this field exists in South Africa and the only possibility is to study overseas, Lorette Dye -after identifying the need- founded the Art Healing Academy in 2009. As she was already giving training in Practical Therapy through Helios training centre since 2003 (Also see for more info) and has the necessary education through her studies in Art therapy, this was a natural progression.

In her book "Art therapy/techniques across cultural and race boundaries: working with identity" (Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, UK), p.57 she wrote:
"An empty canvas can seem threatening. The moment you lift your paintbrush to make the first strokes, the process is irreversible. It starts a story that is either going to be the way you want it, completely different but still good, or it could be a total failure." (Dye, 2017)

With that belief she founded the Art Healing Academy and despite many challenges and attacks (from people that studied in this field overseas and -although there is nothing in this field available in South Africa-, has fervently opposed this work), she can truly say that the difference this has made, has made it worth it and is reward enough for her. Many people that believe that this is their passion and a calling for them have been trained by her and are working in the field, impacting and changing people's lives on a daily basis. For these brave individuals, she has the utmost respect and can only encourage and commend them for what they do, despite the difficulties there are.

Although we negotiated different options and possibilities (that we communicate to our students as relevant), our biggest step forward up to date is that an application to be registered as a Higher Education Institution has been approved, there are still phases to go through before it will be official (e.g. capacity must be proved) but it is a huge step forward in our quest to enable our students:

Take note that our students can work legally in South Africa through the board registrations that are possible.